1/100 O Raiser Complete!

So after weeks of procrastination and extremely slow progress, the 1/100 O Raiser is finally complete.

1/100 00 Raiser

I finally got around to complete the panel lines yesterday. Today, the canopy was tinted with Smoke Gray, while all the other parts were given a coat of flat Super Clear. Putting everything back together was the most exciting part I nearly forgot to put the polycaps for the thrusters, and was practically fumbling all over the place.

1/100 00 Raiser

Rear view. The main nozzle is attached on a ball joint allowing some movement. The side thruster flaps are also bendable side to side. Once again I battled the winds as I encountered several full face-on assaults of flat Super Clear.

1/100 00 Raiser

The individual wing binders.

1/100 00 Raiser

Binders viewed edge-on.

1/100 00 Raiser

Yet another perspective shot everyone else has already taken. This view is reminiscent of the Ikaruga. Nostalgia…

1/100 00 Raiser

A view of the underside. The craft is supported on Bandai’s Action Base 1 using an attachment that came with the craft.

1/100 00 Raiser

The thrusters are articulated at their base and can open outwards.

1/100 00 Raiser

There are hard points on the sides for mounting the GN Shields.

1/100 00 Raiser

As above.

1/100 00 Raiser

O Raiser with 00 Gundam.

1/100 00 Raiser

A shot of the parts drying.

1/100 00 Raiser

The freshly tinted canopy.

1/100 00 Raiser

A view of the mechanical detail underneath.

1/100 00 Raiser

Not so crazy bright orange anymore.

Here are the steps taken to complete this model.

  1. Initial assembly and sanding to remove sprue marks
  2. Seam lines filled (tail thruster)
  3. Dismantled, given Mr. Surfacer 1000
  4. Painted all parts in their respective colours, gray details hand-painted
  5. Mr. Super Clear Gloss
  6. Panel lines done using Tamiya Enamel Paint Neutral Gray
  7. Mr. Super Clear Flat
  8. Final re-assembly

I was disappointed with the lack of detail on this kit. It’s practically an upsized version of the HG 1/144 model.

Colour scheme:

White: Flat White + Neutral Gray (tiny bit)

Gray: Neutral Gray

Blue: Cobalt Blue + Flat White + Blue (tiny bit)

Silver: Chrome Silver

Canopy: Smoke Gray

Panel lines: Tamiya Enamel Paint Neutral Gray

Pictures of the 00 Raiser will be up shortly.

8 thoughts on “1/100 O Raiser Complete!”

    1. Yup. There are several variations. Mr. Surfacer 1000 is good enough to cover minor surface imperfections such as the scratches left behind after sanding. It comes in gray or white. The white one is Mr. White Surfacer 1000.

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