1/100 O Raiser Painting Stage

While I mentioned previously that I would be taking a break from modelling, I commenced on the O Raiser a week after that, with this post written on 17 February and taking slightly under two weeks to complete.

Building the 1/100 O Raiser is a different process altogether compared with the 1/100 00 Gundam. The 00 Gundam is easy and friendly enough to be re-buildable without much hassle. You can put everything together, take most parts apart easily thanks to a rudimentary internal frame, paint them, then re-assemble. I find that the O Raiser does not benefit from this and so in the initial assembly stage I merely held the parts enough to keep them in place.

1/100 O Raiser

You can see the gaps in the photo above. Before spraying the parts with primer, I dismantled everything right down to individually-coloured parts except sub-assemblies consisting of parts molded in a single colour. The O Raiser horrendously lacks details such as panel lines, but I have not done scribing before so I would not risk this kit. There are numerous seam lines to remove, and the side binders which had seams on their insides were better off unfilled (in my opinion) to look like panel lines. I only filled the seams for the tail thruster. They took two days’ worth of puttying and sanding. In a minor hiccup, some detail on the sides of the tail were sanded down completely flat, but this was restored using some Tamiya putty without much difficulty.

1/100 O Raiser

I skipped taking photographs of the primed parts, but managed a quick snap of the white parts drying on 22 February. This time round, I have sprayed gloss Super Clear right after the parts dried to minimise chipping incidents. Unfortunately, my can of gloss ran out midway so I am left with several parts having no protection from the elements. I decided to resist all urges to go OCD and went on to spray the rest of the white parts with Future. I should listened to my OCD screaming for me to follow through with Super Clear. On a weekday evening, I went to get a new can of Super Clear. (along with several other supplies)

The blue parts were painted next, while the gray parts were done after that as several parts had gray areas.

1/100 O Raiser

I took over an hour masking the white and blue parts to prepare them for the gray paint. As I rushed to beat the rain I messed up and caused some of the white parts to bleed gray paint under the masking tape. I also did not cover enough area on some parts, causing the overspray to mess the white paint job. Thank goodness I still had my leftover white paint and this was quickly rectified before the rain got heavier. With such cool and wet weather, I would have to postpone spraying Super Clear.

1/100 O Raiser

You can see most of the parts are done. I have missed out some small gray areas which would be hand-painted. The mechanical detail underneath the canopy would be in silver to increase its visibility. I am also contemplating tinting the orange canopy with smoke gray to make it brownish and more anime-accurate.

Whatever panel lining that needs to be done would be next, followed by a final round of flat Super Clear. I have realised that in my attempt to achieve a lighter shade of blue, I missed out the addition of some purple to the mix. This resulted in the lack of any purple hue in my 00 Gundam/O Raiser. The secret to achieving the right shade of blue has been revealed in the manual of the HG 1/144 00 Raiser.


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