SHF Masked Rider Gatack

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

Taking a short break from painting my 00 Gundam, I finally got my long overdue SHF Masked Rider Gatack yesterday. The shop also had the Kabuto movie riders Hercus, Ketaros and Caucasus but I wasn’t keen on spending cash on three similar-looking riders that only appeared in a movie and not the series. I also didn’t really like the design of Caucasus’ head and the SHF yellow reminded me of yellow post-its and not gold.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

You can see once again the bow legs the SHF line is notorious for. I was annoyed after opening the package to find that one of the shoulder armour pieces was lighter than the other, and there was a little dot on the paint on the chest. So much for mass-produced toys. There is a slight difference in the design of the torso compared to SHF Kabuto where the latter had its entire red armour molded as part of the upper torso, slightly impeding articulation. For Gatack, the blue area on the stomach is on the waist section instead. It’s a little difficult to explain.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

Back view.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

These are the accessories that came with the figure – a pair of Gatack Double Caliburs, a pair of hands for holding them and a pair of open palms. The hands for holding the weapons have some contours molded into their palms to grip the Caliburs better but their flexible material still allows the weapons to be attached and removed loosely. The Caliburs mount onto the shoulders via pegs and are not symmetrical (ie. they mount on their respective sides but not the other). Also, one is painted gold while the other, silver. You can read Wikipedia for more explanations of these fancy schmancy gimmicks.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

A failed attempt at trying to recreate Gatack’s first fight against the little kid Worm inside the warehouse.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

Trying to look badass with his Double Caliburs.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

One of Gatack’s finishers, Rider Cutting. Lol at Engrish by the way. The Caliburs can be combined to form the scissors and close just like an actual pair.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

Gatack in preparation for his Rider Kick. After pressing the back button on the Zecter three times and closing the horns…


He then turns it back open and announces hot-bloodedly,

“Rider Kick!”


SHF Masked Rider Gatack

And performs a jumping tornado kick.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack

To top it all off he lands, back facing his opponent while CG explosions ensue behind him. All this time, his ending song, Lord of the Speed, plays.

SHF Masked Rider Gatack
A shot of the SHF Kabuto Riders together.


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