1/100 00 Gundam: Painting

1/100 00 Gundam

A shot of some of the white parts being held to dry. Progress has been slow (but way faster than my previous Tallgeese) as I have been spending a sizable portion of my long leave juggling the following: helping my mum out with painting the house, playing Gundam Battle Universe and slacking to enjoy this long leave, escaping from the reality that my conscription has yet to end.

Since the last update which was about a week ago, I have airbrushed the clear blue, clear green, clear red and red parts. I spent most of today painting the white parts which needed two coats to cover up the grey Mr. Surfacer completely. The large volume of paint consumed was a new surprise to me as I used up slightly over a bottle of Mr. Color Flat White. I also meddled with the airbrush a little and lowered the paint control lever tension, but unscrewed the wrong screw and had to strip and reassemble it.

In other news, while the MG 1/100 Sinanju Ver. Ka has yet to be released, Japanese bloggers have already completed it, like Gunpla Secret Factory for example. His completed model will be sent to Hobby Shop Midori for display.

In more unrelated news, I have been fooling around with my camera.

Annoying Upstairs Neighbours

Several days ago I was about to commence airbrushing some parts when this happened. My annoying upstairs neighbours suddenly blasted water out their bathroom window. Thank goodness my study room window (where I snapped this from) was closed, or whatever water/sewage would have splashed onto my work table and laundry. For reference, the pair of old, paint-stained windows belongs to my house. When I found out and whipped out the camera, they stopped blasting water so there was no chance of me catching them red-handed. 😦 The next day, they dumped a whole truckload of water from their window right above this very window in the evening. Once again I was lucky not to be airbrushing. I actually blogged about them previously, and here is the link.

Annoying Upstairs Neighbours

Look at how wet the ground is. Wonder if anyone was unlucky enough to be caught in the high-pressure blast.

Now on to something unrelated. As the curtains in the bedroom were removed to allow for painting the walls, the room was exposed to all the lighting from outside.


Just before I slept I was looking out and I suddenly had this strange feeling that I was somewhere else, looking at a similar scene. It reminds me of a screensaver that I started to use because of this. It’s called SurveillanceSaver and it’s basically a screensaver that loads network surveillance camera images from around the world. Like what the web page says, it’s “a haunting live soap opera”. I’m mesmerised by the pictures of places around the world (the images are predominantly from the US, European and Nordic areas) and I always wonder if my computer suddenly shows live images of some horrible stuff happening like a robbery or disaster and I can’t do anything to help.

So yeah you can actually see my half-unpainted room wall. It has been a pain painting the house as our previous wall colour was blue and we changed to a white which the brand calls “Orchid White” and we have to paint the walls over for at least three coats before the blue is completely covered.

In more unrelated stuff, I was bored this morning before going to sleep and snapped a photo of my mum’s Christmas tree in the dark.

Mum's Christmas Tree

My mum loves Christmas trees a lot so she had to hastily make space in the freshly-painted-and-still-messy-with-paint-equipment living room to set up her tree. I love the really bright LEDs. Nowadays when you walk around shopping malls and see the Christmas decorations, they have been using LED lights and I always wonder how awesome it was to have hundreds of white LEDs alight all over the place. I just noticed that in the photo above, there’s some sort of fusion with the Christmas tree and the three Chinese deity statues of Fu, Lu and Shou. Not sure of their story though.

In even more unrelated nonsense, I was just eating some candy:


Image taken from Kabaya Shokuhin website

When I looked at the box art and couldn’t help laugh at the face on the soda glass. It looks like the kind of stuff people would randomly photoshop over random objects.It’s some kind of crispy stick candy that comes with a little packet of crazy sour powder which I can’t handle.


Oh, it also reminds me of this.

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