1/100 00 Gundam Lack of Progress

Work on my 1/100 00 Gundam will be put on hold for some time as I have recently acquired an airbrush and am getting to terms with reality now.

The Gundam itself is pretty much built out of the box, but work on the weapons has yet to begin. Work on the clear eyes was nerve-wracking as I decided to settle for cut silver tape eyes. Took several tries to get them symmetrical due to the very large error margin and now one eye is loose as I had to remove it and trim it to look like its counterpart. The results are pretty good compared to other methods. Painting a clear colour on the eyes with silver painted behind won’t work (I tried it before 😦 ) as the plastic is too thick to capture any light. Using silver tape yielded better results as the eyes were readily reflecting light and due to their tiny size gave off some depth, at least to me.

Hand-painting the clear parts never resulted in a uniform coat of paint so the new airbrush is a blessing, that is until I start to use it in full force. I have to get a large volume of thinner and more jars to store the mixed colours that I am planning to do. I also have to get supplies such as Mr. Surfacer and Tamiya Basic Putty now. I am considering to give my 00 Gundam a slightly lighter colour scheme. Same goes for the O Raiser if I get it.

So if any readers were looking for a fast 1/100 00 Gundam review, sorry, you won’t find any here. I will take a long time to complete mine. Hopefully not as long as my previous HG 1/100 Tallgeese.


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