Gets for Today

Gets for 091108

Here are my gets for today. I have tried to improve lighting using my clip-on lamp from above. However I am still using a really cheap background made up of two pieces of A4 paper. The photo would have looked better if I were using a larger size of paper instead, like an A2 sheet. This would eliminate the seam at the back as well as the distracting objects lying close by that were not intended to be captured.

I have finally obtained my long-overdue SHF Masked Rider 1 to accompany my SHF V3. Additionally I also have obtained the SHF Masked Rider Kabuto. I shall try to post a review of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately the shop that I bought it from didn’t have Masked Rider 2. Well maybe not unfortunately, or I would have walked away with 3 boxes and a larger hole in my wallet. To think I’ve already spent almost 20% of my allowancepittance for November…

It’s rather obvious that the SHF Kabuto is using a different font on its box art. Being the obsessive-compulsive bugger that I am, I’m pretty annoyed that the font has changed to the uncool Arial Narrow-style font which is different from my Kick and Punch Hoppers. Enough of that nonsense. Other things I’ve noticed include a Bandai Asia sticker on my Rider 1 with a Hong Kong address. However both of them have a hologram sticker with my country along with the words “Authorized distribution by Bandai Asia Co., Ltd”. A quick check on my older SHF figures reveals no such sticker anywhere on their boxes. Oh no!!


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