Formula 1

I was slacking at home on a half-day off on Friday, when I received a call from Reggie asking me if I wanted to watch the F1 practice session that evening as he suddenly had two tickets. Wanting to “be part of history”, I fumbled for my dingy old camera, and to my dismay found out that one pair of batteries had already run out of power, and the 64MB memory card in it could hold only 72 pictures. Hastily replacing it with my 1GB microSD card, I was greeted with a message saying I had to format the card. My mum asked me if I wanted to take her phone instead but I had no idea how to use hers, and the battery life was pathetic. In the end, I left home without a camera, but I was thankful for my mum who dug up some earplugs which were very, very much needed later on.


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