SHF Deneb Imagin + SH Masked Rider Zeronos

Here’s a second round of lousy photos. This time it’s the SHF Deneb Imagin. Deneb is the bumbling Imagin partner of Sakurai Yuuto in Masked Rider Den-O.

A shot of the accessories that come with the figure. A fan, Deneb candy, watermelon helmet for his awesome disguise, basket and extra hands. One right hand for holding the fan or lollipop (which have pegs), one left hand for holding the basket loosely, one pair of fists and one pair of finger guns.

Here’s a shot of Deneb trying to be serious and kick ass with his finger guns.

When he’s around other people, he comes up with (in)effective disguises, the most famous of which is his watermelon helmet.

Here is Deneb with Masked Rider Zeronos Altair Form.

Deneb prepares to combine with Yuuto to form Vega Form.

Transformation complete! ”最初に言っとく。胸の顔は飾りだ!”

“Let me say this to start. The face on my chest is for display!” Another famous trying-to-be-serious quote.

Yuuto bashing poor Deneb yet again.

Figures from the SHF line have a sleek silhouette and take articulation one step ahead with triple ankle joints. The only die-cast parts are the feet, which Bandai claims to improve stability, but I have not noticed much difference. The joints in the head and wrists resemble Kaiyodo’s Revolver Joints without the clicky feeling, allowing for great articulation. While Deneb’s robe has several joints, the fact that they can’t be bent like real cloth is a slight disappointment though. Can’t have such high expectations. Other characters with less bulky armour or clothing will have greater potential to be posed in a variety of ways and the SHF Masked Riders prove it.


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