Hello World

Here’s yet another user who has hopped onto the bandwagon that is WordPress. Having heard of the numerous features in WordPress that are not available in LiveJournal and Blogspot, the two hosts I have used before, I have decided to start a new blog with this host. Besides, WordPress looks pretty Web 2.0-ish.

The features and tools are currently overwhelming right now so I’ll probably take some time to get used to the controls. Having only a rudimentary and outdated knowledge of HTML doesn’t help so I’ll settle for the generic templates provided.

So, as the Internet moves to the 2.0 age (long ago), I realised that blogs which were no much more than:

  1. diaries, check
  2. walls of text, check
  3. gatherings for emo release, check

Are now passe. Having read much more blogs than posted, I found out that as a reader, I would be inclined to look for the main point of an entry at its beginning (which I realise I’m not doing now.), pay more attention to pictures than text and ignore long paragraphs.

With this new blog I hope to put in a little bit of commitment and see if I can share my interest with anyone reading this.


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