It’s been a year…

…since I’ve moved here. Again it’s another review-less week, and I thought I’d do an introspective post instead. I actually had a draft somewhere which I never published because it was too messy, but I’ll try to tidy things up. As long-time readers of this blog would be aware, I have been living in Japan for a year now. Instead of blogging as usual, I went on a six-month hiatus after moving here where I lived a rather simple life without writing about it or about toys in general. However when asked about my impressions of life here I found it hard to collect my thoughts as I never wrote anything about it.

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Another one of those get posts…

Not too long ago Bandai announced that they finally decided to reissue the VF-25S and I was lucky enough to get in a pre-order on HLJ. I’m not sure if they can fulfill it but I’m holding out hope that I can find it in a shop somewhere here in Japan. So far I’ve seen the 2nd reissue 25F and the recently released YF-30 in shops several times. 

2014-08-17 19.38.38

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Revoltech Cattleya

While the Revoltech line, especially the Queen’s Blade series, appears to be dying, there has been a wave of re-releases of previous Revoltech figures under the “Legacy of Revoltech” banner. To me Kaiyodo is screaming and admitting that their clicky joints don’t work too well as newer figures are now in a different scale but the biggest deal is that they don’t have clicky joints anymore. Cattleya is one of the older Queen’s Blade figures which seems to have escalated in value on the second hand market, until this re-release gave collectors a second chance.

IMG_4170 - Copy

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