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DX Chogokin VF-171 Nightmare Plus

Bandai’s release of their VF-171 toy turned out to be controversial as it was riddled with quality issues. There were many reports of the black-coloured parts on the toy crumbling, especially the complex triangular-shaped parts that become the shoulders. I preordered this but never got around to opening it until I got the Armor Parts set. My experience with this toy though, was a long story.

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SHF Masked Rider Blade King Form

Here’s a review of the Tamashii Web exclusive Blade King Form. The orders for this guy were so brisk and Bandai put out a second round of preorders. When I made my order I could only sign up for the second round which was a January 2014 release. Back then I didn’t have much of a setup so pardon the crap pictures.

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Arcadia 1/60 YF-19 with Fast Pack

When Yamato closed its doors and Arcadia took over the reins, they created an uproar by reviving the 1/60 PT line with a re-engineered YF-19. With the really high standard set by Yamato with it’s VF-19 variants, Arcadia revealed that the YF-19 was going to cost way more than the VF-19′s so expectations naturally ran high and people wondered how they would outdo their predecessors. So did they do it?

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LBX Achilles D9

Seeing how Bandai might be giving up on their awesome Hyper Function line by skipping Odin I decided to not to wait and just get the existing kits of whatever I wanted before they got discontinued instead of hoping for HF renditions. No WIP as I don’t have my airbrush with me.

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Original Effect Reborn Body

No, this blog isn’t turning into 1/6-only content. Yet. Back then I got the first figure from Original Effect and complained about how horrible it was. One year later I willingly got ripped off again by ordering the Reborn Body from Amiami. Has the company’s quality control improved over the past year? We’ll see.

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Hot Toys MMS Diecast War Machine Mk 2

Marking my return to this otherwise dead blog is a little review of the Hot Toys MMS Diecast War Machine Mk 2. I’m new to the Hot Toys line so I think this is one of their first few diecast figures. A normal figure by them already costs a kidney so this one naturally cost a couple.

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

I’m back!

After over half a year of staying in Japan old habits die hard and I’m back to blogging again. I thought of moving to a new blog but was lazy and it’s much more convenient to reawaken this instead, and I’ll change the layout as well. It will probably break my older posts but this layout is really old already. I guess the only thing I can do is take pictures of toys. It took a while for me to get enough materials to take half-decent pictures; you’ll see one of my failed setups when I get around to writing toy reviews again.

With that said I have a couple of toys which I have yet to take pictures of and though I do not have my airbrush with me the urge to make something is always strong. In the meantime I’ll try to get used to the new features that come with the layout change.

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